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The vision of six sigma

OrgnizationPhase 1Phase 2Phase 3 Phase 4
Activity descriptionMeasureAnalysis ImprovementControl
  1. Conduct situation analysis
  1. Conduct literature review
  1. Conduct training activities
  1. Synthesise and focus
  1. Define dependent variables
  1. Define independent variable
  1. Define control variable
  1. Identifying measurement system
  1. Identifying data vehicle
  1. Design measurement validation study
  1. Design heirarchical pareto study
  1. Design parameter capability study
  1. Design multivariable study
  1. Design experimental study
  1. Design parameter control study
  1. Develop data analysis system
  1. Develop data tracking system
  1. Develop data collection system
  1. Conduct data collection system
  1. Conduct data analysis
  1. Establish sample size
  1. Establish sampling mathodology
  1. Design text vehicle
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