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Champion & Master Black Belt

Six sigma champion and master black belt program

11.01mondayIntroduction and expectation
11.02mondayQuestions of six sigma
11.03mondayFocusing on the customer
11.04mondayUnderstanding performance
11.06TuesdayAccessing the hidden factory
11.07TuesdayBench marking product and Process
11.08WednesdayUnderstanding Cp
11.09WednesdayAchieving processes intitlement
11.10WednesdayDesigning for manufacture ability
11.11ThursdayCreating for deployment roadmap
11.12FridayPresentation and reviewing of implementation plan

Program for master black belt only

22.01mondayRevising basic six sigma concept
22.02mondayLinking six sigma to statistics
22.03TuesdayTranslating practical problem into statistics
22.04TuesdayDescovering the statistical confidence in data
22.05wednesdayUnlocking the power of experimentation
22.06WednesdayDiagnosing a single process variable
22.07WednesdayIsolating and leveraging multivariable relationship
22.08ThursdayScreening and leverage variables and effects
22.09ThursdayDesigning for robust performance
22.10FridayHolding the gain with SPC
22.11FridayIdentifying the driver of customer satisfaction
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