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Leadership attributes

Leadership attributes

Black Belt certification Champion Master Black Belt Black Belt
Strong acadamic background of a technical nature experienced,sucessfull and recognized in an array of job assignment
Display humility and never ending desire to learn and grow
Keen interest in industrial problem solving
Team player with competative instinct very strong leadership ability
Believe in relationship and mentain a process focus
Strategic understanding of process improvement
Technical understanding of process improvement tools
Command and respect among subordinate peers and supervisors
Significant instruction and facilitation experience
A self perception which reflect the nature of a change agent
Ability to set out of the box and try new things
A believer in managed risk taking and shared reward
Recognize the role and importance of corporate policies
Effective negotiation skills
Know the processes of business
Experience with process and business matrix
Knowledgeable and experienced in quantitative bench marking practices
Experienced in information organization and presentation
Experienced in instructional materials development
Understand the technical foundation of quantitative rich assessment
Knows how to initiate and win an internal consulting contact
Can establish valid sucess criteria for internal consulting contacts
Good understanding of engineering tolerance analysis and optimization
Strong computer skills
Applies non parametric method and procedure when appropriate
Understand fundamental management and business practice
Knows how to perform organizational intervention
Very comfortable with mathematical statistics and D.O.E
Comfortable with survey design and analysis method
Knowledgeable about the organizational and its product service
Mantain and strong sense of loyalty to the organization
Is aware of the knowledgeable about best manufacturing practices
Understand and strongly believes in the basic terms of T.Q.M, A.F.M etc
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