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strategic planning and goal setting can move your 
organization to world class performance.

strategic planning & goal setting.

Strategic planning and goal setting can move your organization to world class performance.

Strategic planning, facilitated by Quality mngt., is done by organizational leadership. Strategic planning is a process that determines the future of an organization. Goal setting determines resource allocations needed. Having a well-proven process for strategic planning and goal setting makes the effort more efficient. It assures that a strategic plan will provide a frame that will shape an organization's future.

Well organized strategic planning and goal setting involve distinct steps.
Understanding current conditions both inside and outside an organization. Some assessments may be appropriate before starting formal strategic planning.
Visualizing the future, as you want it.
Setting goals you must achieve and having a goal achievement process for those goals.
Implementing the strategic plan.

All parts of an organization are addressed in strategic planning. Leaders in each area look to a strategic plan for guidance in goal setting for their part of an organization. This continues to every person in an organization as they go about their goal setting efforts. Strategic planning, goal setting and a goal achievement process provide a frame for all in an organization to align their efforts aimed for world class performance.

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