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six sigma projects yield significant improvements in strategic business areasAccording to quality guru CROSSBY,"Try to achieve zero defect".

Case study

Six sigma principle becons Samsung

Having already achieved the quadruple productivity flag from its parent in korea during january 2001 and being the only subsidiary worldwide to do so, Samsung india has taken up a new challenge to implement the six sigma principle in its manufacturing and to increase its CTV line capacity 6 times from the current level of 4 times since the commencement of production during january 1997.
According to Samsung india officials, eight project would be tacken up under the six sigma implementation programe across all departments in production, which includes, production engineering, production quality and purchase.the six sigma methodologies will be applied to improve existing processes and practices in production and achieving even heigher even heigher quality levels in the manufactuaring process , official said.
Choosing the right operating mechanism and applying the right tools is the key to our success in implementation of the six sigma principle , they added. Samsung is therefore sending some of its key employees in production and quality to Samsung Malaysia for a 5 month training being organised by Samsung, Koria.The programme is being carried out in 5 phases of define (problem area)measure(current situation and prioritise), analysis (related problems), improve (implementation steps and data analysis) and control (devlop and implement control plan).
In addition to six sigma implementation programme, Samsung India has also undertaken the challenge 4000 at its CTV facility in NOIDA to achieve 6 times productivity.The company is targeting 8 lakh CTVs in the year 2001 compared with 6 lakh during the year 2000.
It will also become the first Samsung subsidiary outside of Koria to instal a TGV line for CTV production.It is investing $2 million to install this high speed, high quality production line.
Productivity improvement entails both hardware improvements as well as improving skills of its operations through training, officials explained. Therefor while hardware is being improved through TGV line instalation, a star operator scheme is being introduced to motivate operators.Under this scheme incentives are linked with their job knowledge.
Samsung India, which earlier became the first company to achieve the 1 millian mark in CTVs post liberalisation is now gearing upto achieve the 2 millian mark by mid 2001 and achieve challenge 4000 by end 2001.
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