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Quality guru TAGUCHI says"Bad Quality means loss to society"Become the best in class using six sigma plus. Your total quality management (tqm) efforts can be focused to outpace the rest.

total quality management, tqm, six sigma, methodology, training, calculating, qualtec, method, six-sigma employment, 6 sigma We using six sigma plus specializes in synergistic combination of strategic planning, leadership and total quality management (tqm) so clients achieve more goals more often. Six sigma plus is a planned use of strategy, total quality management (tqm) and leadership development. It is the plus in six sigma plus that cause people to align for goal accomplishment. This is a major difference between six sigma plus and a statistical approach or a teaching of total quality management (tqm) tools. The plus is often the catalyst that allows all other concepts to be a success.
Issues are selected for special attention as six-sigma plus projects. Projects with significant importance are assigned to Blackbelts as six-sigma projects. Thus each six-sigma plus project is assigned a leader trained in total quality management (tqm). These Six Sigma Plus Blackbelts' duties include teaching other members of the six sigma plus project team appropriate total quality management (tqm) philosophy, interfacing with management, coaching leadership skills, teaching total quality management (tqm) tools and changing systems to sustain six sigma plus projects improvements.
Senior Leadership is responsible for the strategic plan, and selecting potential six sigma plus project areas. Once a six-sigma plus project is understood using total quality management(tqm) tools, total quality management (tqm) techniques generate alternatives. Improvements are then implemented. Six sigma plus projects maintain improvements using control tools of total quality management (tqm). This is the measure, analyze, improve and control sequence.
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