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Team Building & Employee Motivation

Quality guru says"Quality is the strongest weapon to servive in the competitive market"Learn how world class organizations used team building and 
employee motivation
to become the leaders and stay there.

Team building & employee motivation.

Learn how world class organizations used team building and employee motivation to become the leaders and stay there.

With Quality mngt. effective team building and employee motivation fit together. Successful organizations are not involved in team building as an end unto itself but rather because with effective team building employee motivation increases and organizational results are achieved. Effective team building starts with efforts that are aligned with the organizational strategic plan. Employee motivation increases when employees are working on real issues for the organization. Six sigma plus projects have team building components and employee motivation elements aimed at improving well-defined issues.

Enjoyment in work increases team building effectiveness. Team building is a tool for improving employee motivation. All teams go through very predictable phases. Knowing and understanding these phases gives leadership the confidence to continue in the team building even when during one of the phases the employee motivation appears to be declining. When leadership understands this is a normal phase they have confidence to continue team building for world class performance.

Assessments aimed at understanding yourself and others can speed team building. Understanding is the first step in developing employee motivation. With an understanding of other employees' motivation every individual has the opportunity to add to the synergy of the team.

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