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[ 12/10/2009 ]
SSQI C.E.O Speech at IRIMEE During Award Ceremony
Respected Director Sir, All Professors, member of team IRIMEE, trainee officers and all distinguished guests

We would like to congratulate IRIMEE, Jamalpur to become First Centralized Institutes of Indian railway awarded for Latest International Standard of ISO 9001:2008 which is valid in 210 countries around the world.

ISO which stand for International Organization for Standardization, head quarter is situated in Zenewa, Switzerland is an International Organization where 210 countries are the members. India is also one of member countries. Any Organization Certified for ISO added in the ISO register which can be viewed and validated throughout the world.

As Quality Definition given by Various Guru like

Dr. Deming-Founder for Quality Movement in Japan & Brand “Made in Japan” known for Quality say; Quality means “ confirmation to specification”

Dr. Juran says: Quality means “Fit for use”

IRIMEE is complying the international norms for Quality Management System and continual improvement. This is the result of the commitment from the top management, hard work and dedication of all faculties’ member and team IRIMEE.

ISO certification process started in the month of Sep 09 & in the short span of time with the leadership & commitment of Director Sir, MR & Sr. Prof (RST) Shri A.K. Mondal & Team IRIMEE awarded for ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management System

However, Quality is a journey, not the destination, so today onward you all are more accountable to maintain the Quality education, work towards trainee’s satisfaction and continual improvement of the education system.

On Behalf of SSQI, once again we would like to congratulate all distinguished guest, All faculties, team IRIMEE and trainees of IRIMEE, Jamalpur and special thanks goes to Director Sir, Sr. Prof (RST) & MR Shri A.K. Mondal, Sr. Prof P. Saxena, Prof S.K Sen, all internal auditors and core team members without that this mile stone was impossible and thanks for the hospitality extended during our visit. In fact, we feel family Member of IRIMEE.

Thanking you.

[ 12/10/2009 ]
SSQI C.E.O Speech at IRIMEE During Award Ceremony
Respected Director Sir, All Professors, member of ...
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